Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shave and a haircut is two bits.

Part of the problem with being born 100 years to late, aside from not being alive when women couldn't drive or vote, is also missing out on a time when the barbershop was the main meeting place for men.  It's is where they met almost daily, not just for a clean straight edge shave, but to keep aware of the town happenings. The barber was a man you trusted with a sharp instrument close to a place on your body that bleeds very easily and where you don't necessarily want a lifetime scar.

It's has been many years since I've needed the services of a barber.  Before I grew to appreciate their services and when I still required professional grooming, I employed the services of a "stylist".  She was, and sill is, a good friend of mine.  She was the girlfriend of my lifelong friend EJ though they would part ways.  Joey had her own salon where I was a patron.

My monthly visits required trimming by beautiful brown hair as well as coloring out the premature gray I had been cursed with at an early age.  The coloring part is a secret I am only now sharing as it has been kept in the vault these many years. My vanity was much more prevalent at the time and honestly, I was noticeably gray in my temples at 26.  I quit having it colored when the majority of my hair had decided that it wanted a permanent vacation from my head.

On a rare occasion when I was lazy or on the road, I would pay someone to shave my head. Either clip it with no guard, my winter cut, or shave it in the summer.  Having your head shaved by a great barber is a tremendous treat and one I would give myself more frequently if I was not so cheap

To become a barber one must go to school, learn the trade and pass some sort of professional exam to obtain a professional license. Barbers have a skill I do not possess nor could probably learn with all the hand eye coordination and what not.  They are a valuable part of society.  They employ people and keep us presentable.

Now lets talk about the antithesis of the barber.  The modern day journalist. I don't know if I can put into words the loathsome disrespect I have for this so called "profession".

Here are some questions.  Why do you have to go to college in order to get a journalism degree? What do they contribute to society? Who gets to define "journalistic integrity"? And from that definition, do any journalists practice it as defined? Would anyone stop me if I hit Bob Costas? Dan Rather?

The biggest problem with the modern day journalist is their total lack of regard for facts and the way they are in the tank for today's liberal/progressive movement. They are unabashed in their criticism for all things conservative.

A great example of their obvious bias is their coverage of Scooter Libby versus that of Benghazi. One of these two stories is a real cover-up where lives were lost and presidential inadequacy was on full display. The other was a made up controversy of a leaked name.  Guess which one the New York Times covered in great detail and put on the front page 51 times. guess which one cost a man his job. Guess which one lead to an indictment. Hint: it wasn't Benghazi.

The other problem I have with his "profession" is the attitude they all share that somehow they are doing something the rest of us are incapable of doing.  This isn't rocket science or brain surgery, this is talking to somebody about something they deem newsworthy and then telling us what they found out, or at least that's what it should be.  The hubris and disdain they have for people with a computer and opinion is almost laughable and they do it performing a skill anyone reading this can do. 

The divisiveness of the nation has come not from the reporting of so called journalists, but their complete lack of it.  Now that all of us have access to information at our fingertips, we can prove how idiotic they are and they don't like that.  I wonder what kind of country we would live in if the same amount of attention was paid by the MSM to things like Obamacare as opposed to what Ted Nugent is saying.

Journalists contribute very little to the betterment of our nation. I have more respect for bathroom attendants in the airport. Much, much more.

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