Thursday, March 6, 2014

What's next?

With all that is going on in America, where does one start with what to concentrate on? The ACA is a complete failure.  Liberals will not even begin to admit it.  Recently in the comment section of the local I asked " if the ACA so great, why won't the president allow it to be fully implemented?" I was not answered.  Not surprisingly I might add.

We have a major scandal with the IRS and all the press can talk about is that Issa wouldn't let Cummings ask questions after the hearing was adjourned.  No mention of Lois Lerner taking the fifth.  She claims she did nothing wrong.  Fair enough.  But if you didn't do anything wrong, why do you need to take the fifth? It's quite a quandary.

We have Benghazi.  Our ambassador was murdered there in case you've been in a cave.  Here's a fun fact, the last time an ambassador was murdered was in 1979 when Jimmy Carter was president. Not really a coincidence as Barry is Jimmy Carter without the talent.

Now we have the Ukraine.  Looks like Putin wants to get the band back together.  Georgia and now the Ukraine.  Call me Ishmael but I don't think Obama really strikes much fear in what Putin wants to do. That will be fun to watch.

And this is just the tip of what is happening in the erosion of DC.


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  1. Hopefully, charges will be brought against Lerner.

    "Barry is Carter without the talent." OR the charm. Such a case of Emperor's New Clothes I've never seen . . .


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